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The Create33 Community

We have redesigned our membership packages to prioritize your health and safety, in accordance with CDC COVID-19 guidelines. Please stay tuned to this page as the situation continues to evolve, and we are pleased to offer you a variety of flexible options during this challenging time. Membership is by application only. We curate this welcoming community of entrepreneurs to maximize your serendipitous and strategic connections through proximity to potential customers and investors, collaboration with peers, and learning from veterans and practitioners dedicated to your success. We are proud to be building a community that reflects the diversity and dynamism of the Pacific Northwest.

Which membership level should I apply for?

Content and Community

Bootstrapper: I'm building a tech startup and want to take advantage of community discounts.

Creator: In scaling my tech startup, I seek interactive engagement with experts and peers to accelerate my success.

Executive: I seek a curated peer group exclusively of tech startup executives, for problem-solving, accountability and support.


Part-time desk: I need a sanitized, dedicated desk 1 or 2 days a week.

Full-time desk or Private Office: For my team members that work in Seattle, we seek dedicated desks, conference rooms and peer community.

Conference package: My tech startup seeks professional conference space for offsites and board meetings.

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