A Startup Podcast about Company Culture – Episode 00


In this trailer for Season One, we focus on the heartbeat of Seattle’s innovation.


Hello and welcome to the pilot episode of Create Seattle.

This show explores the inner workings of Seattle startup culture. Each week, we speak with amazing Seattle entrepreneurial leaders on the role of culture and venture-scale businesses. We include practical takeaways about hiring, management practices, and leading as a role model with your vision and values. Through this show, we hope to reveal how practiced value systems got great entrepreneurs to where they are today.

Along with our fascination with startup culture, we are making this podcast because we love Seattle.  If you’re unfamiliar with the Emerald City, we are surrounded by natural beauty– the mountains and the Puget Sound, which has drawn adventurers the world over.  We are a diverse and international region, where in one zip code, 105 languages are spoken. We have a world class research institution in the University of Washington, which has attracted global talent and spun off incredible startups. We are more than the tale of two Bills — Boeing and Microsoft — but home to titans such as Amazon, Tableau, Zillow, Starbucks and Nordstrom’s.  We are considered the cloud capital of the world (not because of the weather, but the infrastructure from AWS and Azure), and have a center of excellence in immuno-oncology: we could be the city that cures cancer. Seattle brought you the bone marrow transplant, the buy it now button, and the $5 latte (you’re welcome). We not only pioneered a new genre of music, but invented and reinvented the way music is delivered and consumed.

*Grunge Music*

What is the secret sauce of the Seattle startup ecosystem?  We’d like to believe it’s coffee. And it’s not just because we’re so highly caffeinated, but that can’t hurt. It’s that we have this undercurrent of collegiality and collaboration where you can get a cup of coffee with anyone that you want or need to meet. 

Coffee shops, co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators —you never know when you run into your next investor, customer, or partner. 

It’s the people, the values…and the startup culture that inspired Create Seattle.

I’m Rebecca Lovell, along with the Create33 team, we’re glad to have you with us. Until next time, talk to you soon.

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